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Логотип RSWLC

1. General provisions

1.1. The Russian International Short Wave Listeners Club (R-SWL-C), referred to as the Club, is a voluntary, non-profit association of radio amateurs and was created to unite fans of receiving amateur, service, broadcast radio stations.

Reference: Short Wave Listeners, SWL, Scanner-amateur radio operator who receives amateur, service and broadcast radio stations using a radio receiver on any radio bands. SWLs are full participants of the amateur radio movement, can receive awards, participate in contests.

1.2. The Club is managed by the Club Council, which is elected by a simple majority of votes of the club members who took part in the voting. The term of the Council's work is 3 years from the date of determining its composition.

1.3. The current composition of the Club Council elects the head of the club, who represents his interests of the Club in all areas of club activity.

1.4. Until the formation of the Club Council, the general management of the club's work is carried out by the temporary acting head of the club.

1.5. Membership in the club is voluntary. All members of the Club have equal rights and obligations.

1.6. Communication of club members is carried out using social networks and real-time messaging programs through instant messaging services.

1.7. The main language of communication of the club members is Russian, the second language is English.

1.8. Monitoring the work of the operational services of the MIA, the FSS and other departments of the «power block», as well as the dissemination of such information is not recommended to club members.

2. Tasks of the club:

2.1. Popularization of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of radio engineering;

2.2. Exchange of experience and information;

2.3. Provision of information and technical assistance to short wave listeners and operators of amateur radio stations;

2.4. Cooperation with amateur radio organizations of Russia and the world;

2.5. Organization and holding of amateur radio meetings (conferences, expeditions, award programs, contests);

2.6. Providing technical and informational assistance to novice radio amateurs.

3. Admission to the club membership

3.1. The Club accepts citizens of Russia and foreign countries. The membership number is issued to members of the club once, for life. Membership in the Club is certified by a certificate with the assignment of an ordinal number.

3.2. Admission to the Club members is carried out through the electronic registration system on the club's website: http://rswlc.ru/.

3.3. The decision to become a member of the Club is made within three days after receiving the application from the candidate.

3.4. The refusal to become a member of the Club cannot be motivated by political, religious, national, financial, or emotional considerations. The absence of a call sign from the applicant is also not a reason for refusing admission to the Club.

4. Rights and obligations of Club members

4.1. Club Members have the right to:

- Get information about the Club's activities;

- Participate in all events held by the Club;

- Participate in the discussion of the Club's activities and make suggestions for its improvement;

- Provide voluntary financial and material assistance to the Club;

- Freely leave the Club, according to a personal statement, without specifying the reasons for leaving.

4.2. Club Members are obliged to:

- Observe amateur radio ethics;

- Respect the political and religious preferences of the club members, as well as the national and racial affiliation of the club members.

5. Termination of membership in the club

- Membership in the Club can be terminated by a personal application of a member of the Club, without specifying the reasons. In exceptional cases, a member of the club may be excluded by a decision of the Club Council..

- Exclusion from the Club by the decision of the Council is applied only after a warning about a violation of club discipline.

- The restoration of membership in the club is carried out on the general grounds of admission to the club.

 The reason for exclusion by the decision of the Club Council is:

- non-compliance with amateur radio ethics;

- committing offenses that cause moral or property damage to the Club, leading to discrediting the Club, its ideas and goals, as well as individual members of the Club;

- carrying out actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity between members of the club, as well as at humiliating the dignity of a member of the club or group on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, as well as belonging to any social group.

6. Property and finances of the club

6.1. The property and finances of the Club consist of funds transferred free of charge for the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Club, as well as artisanal, new or used devices, receiving equipment, technical literature, articles, electronic files, soft, etc.

6.2. The source of the formation of the Club's property and finances are:

- property and voluntary contributions of Club members;

- property and funds transferred by various departments, organizations and sponsors.

6.3. The Club has the right to transfer to its members, exchange, provide free of charge for temporary use, property belonging to it.

6.4. Upon withdrawal or exclusion from the Club, former members are obliged to return the leased property and funds of the club. Former members of the club do not retain the rights to the property and funds transferred by them.

6.5. The Club is not a commercial organization, and therefore it takes into account the results of its activities independently.

6.6. Club funds are formed on the basis of voluntary monetary contributions of club members and are kept by the head of the club.

6.7. The funds are used only for the intended purpose of the contribution or by the decision of the Club Council.

6.8. The head of the club is obliged, at the request of a Club member or a group of club members, to provide a report on the use of the club's financial and material resources.

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