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Results of SWL competitions «Heard all countries»

The competition was held by the Russian Short Wave Listener Club (RSWLC) on December 18-19, 2021. The goal is to accept as many different prefixes and countries of the world as possible. (Competition rules in Russian)

The results of the participants are presented in the table:

The winner and participants were awarded with electronic diplomas.

Days of RSWLC activity within the Russian WW PSK Contest (20-21.II.2021)
Club standings in the Russian DX Contest (20-21.III.2021)
Morse Runner Contest (12.IV.2021)
SWL-contest: Victory Day (08-09.V.2021)
SWL-contest: Heard all countries (18-19.XII.2021)
SWL rating (RSWLC-2021)
RDA contest-2022, RSWLC club standings (20-21.VIII.2022)

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