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SWL rating 2021

The results of the club rating of SWL for 2021 are summarized. (Rules on rating in Russian) Here are its results.

The best SWLs of Russia:

  European Russia:
2. R6A-12
3. R6M-86
4. R6M-75
5. UA6057SWL
Asiatic Russia:
1. R9A-038
2. UA0074SWL
3. R0L-45

The best SWL of Ukraine: US-E-12.

The best SWLs of Latvia: YL-RS-01, YL-RS-44.

The best SWL of Bulgaria: LZ-H-192.

The best SWL of Europe: YL-RS-01.

Teenagers (clubs): D1CTT.

The most creative annual report: UA3482SWL.

The winners of the nominations awarded with thematic diplomas. All the participants of the annual rating awarded with certificates of the club.

Thank you all for participating and sending reports!

Minutes of the Club Council meeting dated 01.02.2021 in Russian

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Morse Runner Contest (12.IV.2021)
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SWL-contest: Heard all countries (18-19.XII.2021)
SWL rating (RSWLC-2021)
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