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«Spaceports of the world» award series

«Spaceports of the world» award series was established by the Russian International Short Wave Listener Club (RSWLC) in honor of the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day – April 12, as well as the 60th anniversary of the first human flight into space.

Awarded for accepting the work of Russian amateur radio stations and amateur radio stations of countries and territories of the world.

Receivings made by PHONE, CW, DIGITAL or mixed on any amateur radio bands since April 12, 2021 are counted. Repeated receivings are allowed by a different mode of emission or on a different band.

«Spaceports of the world» award series are issued to operators of amateur radio stations on similar terms.

Awards are issued in the form of an electronic image file.

Questions on the terms the award and the application can be sent to: .

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