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«We will not forget about what happened…» award

We will not forget about what happened Award

The «We will not forget about what happened…» award, was established by the Russian International Short Wave Listener Club (RSWLC).

To fulfill the conditions of the award during the «Victory-77» Memorial from 02 to 09 May 2022 you need to score 77 points.

QSO/SWL conducted by telephone, telegraph or digital communications are counted. All digital types of communication (RTTY, PSK, MFSK, SSTV, JT65, FT8, etc.) are counted as one type of DIGI.

The procedure for awarding points:
- QSO/SWL with radiostations operating with special temporary callsigns within the framework of the «Victory-77» Memorial (callsign prefixes RP77, EV77, D077, UP77, LZ77) give 5 points each;
- QSO/SWL with amateur radio – RSWLC members who have amateur radio license, – 3 points;
- QSL from SWL of RSWLC members – 3 points.

Repeated QSO/SWL are allowed on different bands and different modes.

The award is issued to SWL and operators of amateur radio stations in the form of an electronic image file via hamclub.ru

Questions on the terms the award and the application can be sent to: .

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