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«STELRU Plan» award

STELRU Plan award

In 2020, the State Electrification Plan of Russia – STELRU – turned 100 years old. This document, adopted back in 1920, became the first plan for the development of the economy of Soviet Russia. He determined the development of not only the energy sector, but also the entire national economy of our country.

The basic idea of STELRU – the development of electrification based on the concentration of capacities and the centralization of electricity supply – has retained its significance for the Russian energy sector to this day.

To obtain the award «STELRU Plan», the applicant must conduct a SWL/QSO by telephone, telegraph or digital type of communication with radio stations of the subject of the Russian Federation, on the territory of which there is an operating hydroelectric power station, with a capacity of 10 to 1000 MW or more. The list of subjects and hydroelectric power plants is attached.

If several hydroelectric power plants are located on the territory of a subject of the Russian Federation, the rule applies: one call sign – one hydroelectric power station.

Conducting SWL/QSO by various types of digital communication is counted as one.

Repeated communications are allowed on other bands or by another mode of emission.

SWL/QSO conducted since 02.I.2021 are accepted as a credit. The award is indefinite.

Questions on the terms the award and the application can be sent to: .

List of subjects of the Russian Federation and hydroelectric power plants located in them (on Russian)

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